From Portugal to Principal

Duarte Bazaliza declares to be the first Portuguese lawyer to become an Australian lawyer, and now the very first Portuguese lawyer opens his own law office in Australia.

His company, Bazaliza Lawyers, is based in Potts Point, Sydney, specializing in migration law, household law, property and conveyancing, wills and probate, business law, work law, litigation and conflict resolution and global law.

Mr. Bazaliza’s journey is special in contrast to other confessed Australian attorneys. He finished his very first law degree at the Lusiada University Lisbon, Portugal in 2004. He likewise carried out postgraduate research studies in work law, along with commercial and business law. You should also need to know about¬†marketing law firms.

From there he invested years working for a local store law office before starting and relocating to Australia at the start of 2009. Here he went through more research studies with the Legal Profession Admission Board, in combination with Sydney University, to get needed credentials to practice Australian law.

In 2013, he was sworn in before the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Simply 2 years on, after a brief stint as a lawyer with McCourts Solicitors, Mr. Bazaliza ended up being principal of his own company.

Speaking on exactly what makes his company a practical design, Mr. Bazaliza stated he has not needed to do any marketing or marketing, with all his customers concerning him by means of word of mouth suggestions. He likewise kept in mind that this is the very first time he has called a media organization.

He stated following his dream has been well worth it, regardless of the obstacles. He kept in mind that his happy Portuguese heritage, and fluency in the language, makes him “fully equipped for handling matters amongst the Portuguese-speaking neighborhood”.

Inning accordance with the Bazaliza Lawyers website, Mr. Bazaliza’s background likewise sees him have a strong dedication to the promo of Portugal’s commercial ties with Australia.

” Duarte likewise supports his Australian customers who wish to buy Portugal and Portuguese-speaking nations,” the website stated.

” He likewise serves as an intermediary with Portuguese Legal Advisers with civil or criminal matters in Portugal.”.